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 Retro 1950's Coffee Kitsch™ Note Cards

Our coffee cards are caffeine free but will inspire you to make coffee instead of eating that nice frosted breakfast cinnamon bun. Mmmm hot coffee and a nice caffeine buzz. Our Retro Style 1950's Coffee Kitsch cards are printed by Hillstock Greetings in Maine, USA on 100% cotton rag archival card stock with acid-free inks. Cards are blank inside for you to write your own special message. Square shaped cards require extra postage.

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Hot Cup of Smiles

Three people with one good reason to smile. A nice hot cup o' coffee! Ahhhhh.

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Nothing Tastes as Good

"M-m-m! Nothing tastes as good as coffee!" Theirs is a marriage of substance and good taste.

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Bless His Heart

She sleeps with her makeup, or is it how she's transformed when she smells that fresh cup of morning java? "Bless his heart- Jim's making coffee!" Smart man, that Jim.

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That's the Answer!

It's a late study night for our friend, but the aroma of coffee makes him realize- "Boy, that's the answer. Coffee!"

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Collegiate Coffee

Two college boys enjoy the many pleasures of drinking hot coffee in their dorm room. The merits of this learning exercise are listed underneath each image. Smart people drink coffee.

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Three Easy Steps

Do you really need instructions on how to enjoy your coffee? Maybe not now, but think of those mornings before you've had your cup, and how hard it can be to focus. Best keep this handy.

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